What Makes You Happy?

Drinking a hot vanilla latte on the coldest day in fall. Jamming out to your favorite hit in the car with your best friends. Watching the season premiere of your TV show. Re-reading that book for the seventh time. Racing your friends along the beach’s shore. Taking long walks on the trail behind the park.

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TEA & WINTER NIGHTS ♡What makes you happy?

It’s human nature to look at the negative side of things, it’s like we’re born pessimists.
Sometimes it’s easier to look at what’s wrong rather than what’s right. It’s easier to stay unhappy rather than smile. So I sent a message out asking for what made people happy, and here are what they said:

Quotes from authors and music” -Selene

“Playing the piano and hanging out with my friends.” -Shashank

“Losing myself in a world not necessarily my own, be it music, movies, books, games, fics, art. It’s like a respite break, it allows you to relieve the burdens of everyday, even just for a brief time, and recharge and refresh, rebuild the energy and tools you need to deal with it. Imagination is a beautiful thing and it allows you to escape when you wouldn’t necessarily be able to otherwise.” -Aleisha

“Dancing.  My friends. Writing. You guys. Animals. My sister. Pizza.” -Yukti

“Managing to make someone laugh.” -Natasha

“Friends. Music. Music. Clothes. Food. Hugs. You all. My brothers. Pandas. Jelly beans. COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM” -Lydia

“Listening to sad songs at night and reading cliche wattpad novels” -Tasneem

“twenty one pilots and my friend Katie” -PJ

“Food makes me happy. It can be a simple cheese and fries from a takeaway or a 7 course tasting menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and I won’t care. I’ll be happy. Food may be sustenance but overall the exploration of flavour and texture, the artistry and stories that dishes can tell, it brings me such joy. It’s more than just sustenance to me. It’s art you can eat, art that can exist for fleeting moments as it tantalises not just your eyes, but your nose, your ears, your tastebuds too. Food is art for all the body, and it brings me such joy to be able to share that artistry with other people when I cook, or when I go out to eat with them.” -Chrissi

“My free days. The days I can sit at home and watch Youtube videos and not give a crap about school or anything else that could stress me out.” -Ana

“I like getting lost in a good book. Imagining myself as the characters, daydreaming etc and also being hugged by my little sister or boyfriend.” -Gabrielle

“Having people around me makes me happy. Also, having someone to love makes me happy.” -Alexander

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens” -Michelle

“Writing and dancing with my kids. It doesn’t matter how bad I’m feeling, both of those make everything so much better and happier.” -Kaehla

“Giving a surprise to the most random and special people, and treating myself on every Thursday.” -TheHijabi

“It’s honestly the little things more than the big things.
Making someone laugh or smile, getting lost in a good book, show, song, or movie, running, reading outside (I try to do this at least once a week when it’s not cold out and it’s so peaceful), having an anxiety-free day, watching my parents act like they’re teenagers in love, seeing my little brother and sister every day, making up stories in my head that I may or may not put on paper someday. I feel like sometimes I don’t appreciate these things as much as I should, but I’ve realized they’re the things that keep me going every day, and essentially they’re the things that make me happy” -Simra

“Hearing a beautiful piece of classical music for the first time and watching other people be enthusiastic about things they love (it’s infectious)” -Bryony

“Superwoman’s daily vlogs. Sunflowers. Cookie crumb ice cream. A good book or movie on a Friday night.” -Vidushi

“Music (primarily fall out boy) makes me happy” -Emma

“Blowing bubbles. Listening to anyone talk about something they love. (Hence, I love this thread). Hugging my sister. Irish dance music. Rain.” -Muskaan

“Serotonin. Dopamine.” -Aagosh

“Singing! Getting drenched in the rain!” -Gaayathri

“Winning. Chilling with friends/siblings. French fries. Watching my team win. Playing table tennis. The sea. Animals.” -Ayesha


What make you happy?


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