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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Book Review

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

I’m sure that for all Harry Potter fans, Cursed Child was the most anticipated book of 2016, whether we had high hopes for it or not. Personally, I was excited to learn about the kids of our beloved main characters and delve into a modern wizarding world.

I dived into this book without knowing what the plot was, completely blindsided. It starts immediately where the epilogue of Deathy Hallows begins, sweeping you in from the very beginning. In Cursed Child, angsty Albus decides that he needs to go back in time and save Cedric Diggory from his death in the final round of the Triwizard Tournament after eavesdropping on a conversation between an old Amos Diggory and his father. With the help of his best friend, Scorpius Malfoy (I truly didn’t expect that), they go on multiple risky journeys through time.


When I first understood what Albus wanted to do, I got so scared for him. TIME ISN’T TO BE MESSED WITH. Oh God, Albus, why. Albus and his father don’t get along, at all. He feels as if he’s too different from his family and whatnot. But to attempt to change time because of a fight with your father? You’re better than that, man. Scorpius was the voice of wit and reason throughout the script book. I honestly expected Scorpius to play the misunderstood teen (*cough* Albus *cough*), so I was shocked- and pleasantly surprised- to find out he’s a cute, lovable, and hilarious kid. The chemistry and friendship between these two friends warm me from the outside in.

Cursed Child was such an adventure, it was exciting and terrifying to go back in time on multiple occasions and see how bad they fuck up the future. I was horrified when Scorpius was in the dimension of time where Voldemort won the war, and Albus didn’t exist. Voldemort Day? For valor and for Voldemort? I had goosebumps, and I also wanted to vomit. It was horrible. The only good thing that came out of those scenes in the dark dimension were getting to see Snape again. Although I didn’t think he was a hero or a particularly good person, it was nicely nostalgic to see an old character again. Unlike Umbridge. *shudders*

When we were first introduced to Delphi as Amos’s niece, I kind of just rolled with it, even though she gave me a weird vibe- especially when we was so eager to help the kids. I thought that maybe she wanted the thrill of time travelling, but nope. I was so wrong. She turned out to be psychotic, oh, and VOLDEMORT’S DAUGHTER. She wanted to meddle with time so that Scorpius’s adventure in the scary ass dimension would be a reality, where Voldemort essentially rules the world. Uhhhhh. How CRAZY is that. Can you imagine Voldemort having sex with Bellatrix? Weird? Scarring? Yeah, it’s freakin gross. (Fun fact: someone predicted the twist 11 MONTHS AGO. Crazy, right? Check it here).

The final showdown between Delphi and our gang was bittersweet. It broke my heart when Harry had to witness his parents being killed by Voldemort. All his life he’s known it as a fact- but to see and hear it, and knowing that he can’t do a single thing or else throw the balance of space and time out of balance- well, I cried.

Now for the fun parts!

  • I really wish that we saw more of Rose! I loved the few scenes she was in, her attitude is a mesh of Ron’s and Hermione’s, it’s the absolute best.
  • Speaking of, I loved how Hermione and Ron’s names were hyphenated- it’s so like Hermione to do that, I missed her spark, and to see that it didn’t fade after 19 years is so incredible.
  • When Albus kissed Hermione while he was Polyjuiced into looking like Ron- oh my God. It had me laughing for minutes. He kissed his AUNT, for God’s sake. MULTIPLE TIMES
  • THE TROLLEY WITCH. Need I say more? Who would have thought that the trolley witch was an ACTUAL MONSTER.
  • The very ending where Scorpius tries to ask out Rose and she declines- how adorable! Yet hilarious. It’s so fun to read about the next generation of our favorite characters. In a way, reading about 14 year old Scorpius and Albus was more entertaining that Harry.
  • The duel between Draco and Harry was HILARIOUS. Like, 37 year old Draco and Harry going at it like they’re 13. Amazing.
  • Yep, it’s canon folks: Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, is scared of pigeons. That is a thing that’s real.

Some people really disliked Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, comparing it to well-written fanfic, but I fell in love with it. It’s not my favorite book of all time, and I feel as if some scenes were written with haste- the final showdown with Delphi, the scene in where Scorpius and Albus go back in time in the beginning, for example.

I’m sure most of the criticism the readers have is mostly due to the fact that we haven’t seen the play live. I’m positive that the kinks we’ve all read will be ironed out in the play smoothly.As a matter of fact, I’m curious to see how they act out some scenes in particular, there’s so much magic in them!

All in all, Cursed Child will probably make it in my Best of 2016 blog post at the end of the year!


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